Juerusalem, Israel.

NovellusDx announced today the completion of the first phase of an in-vitro study to characterize the functional activity of ERK1/2 mutations, and their response to BioMed Valley Discoveries’ lead compound BVD523.

“The MAPK signaling pathway is canonical and controls cell growth, proliferation, and survival. It has aberrant signaling activity in many cancer types due to a very large number of mutations of diverse types. Because of its importance, the MAPK pathway has been at the focus of drug discovery and development for many years” said Michael Vidne, PhD, Chief Commercial Officer at NovellusDx. “We are happy that we are able to accelerate the drug development and potentially help it reach more patients with our novel, live-cell based assay to monitor the activity of mutations and their response to drugs.”

To read the full press release please follow the link here.